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Fee: n/a
Breed: Quarter Horse
DOB: 2000
Sex: Mare
Training Level:


In November of 2007, we fostered Shadow in South Dakota for Helping Hands Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation.  Shadow was a 7 year old fully blind Quarter Horse mare whose owner could no longer afford to keep her after taking in four of her nieces and nephews.  Helping Hands was able to secure a home at a therapeutic riding center for Shadow, but needed a short term foster home.  Because we already had a half blind horse and the facilities to foster a blind horse, we volunteered.  Shadow is an amazing mare - she is rideable, and opened my eyes to how adaptable a blind horse can be.  As Pirate slowly goes fully blind, I've taught him some of Shadow's trigger words - like "up" to step up, "down" to step down, etc.