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Our Horses :: 2016

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GSH0214 Dasher

GSH0214 Dasher
Fee: $450
Breed: Suspected Morgan
DOB: 2014
Sex: Mare
Height: 14 hh
Training Level:
Too Young to Ride


This is Dash (aka Dasher), another of the five Ryon's Pen unhandled two years olds that came in to GSH in early December. She has always been more standoffish than the three we have haltered and in training, and so far is barely allowing touch. But she did follow Noelle into the round pen Sunday and we were able to work with her at liberty and deworm her in the bucket. A couple good yawns did verify that she is also coming 2. We thought she could possibly be coming 3 this year as she seems older than the others, but we've seen all 5 sets of teeth now and know they are all just 2 year olds this year.

Dash will take a bit longer to come around but we have every confidence she will!