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Our Horses :: 2016

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GSH0183 Rubi Zu

GSH0183 Rubi Zu
Fee: $350
Breed: Arabian
DOB: April 16, 1994
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.3-15.0 hh
Training Level:
Broke to Ride
Light to Moderate Riding


Rubi Zu is a lovely Arabian mare originally brought into GSH as her owner couldn't care for her.  She'd been out of hay for 2+ months and attempting to maintain her on senior feed, however Rubi Zu lost weight quickly and was actually colicing when we were originally contacted.  Rubi was brought in quickly and put into a foster who started the process of getting her healthy again.  She was placed into an adoptive home who rehabbed her and got her teeth floated, and has taken great care of her for the past couple of years.  However, in November 2015, Rubi's adopter no longer had any other horses so asked if she could come back to GSH, and since we offer a lifetime safety net of course we said yes!  Rubi is a sassy, healthy older Arabian mare, broke to ride and friendly.  She doesn't seem to like a bit and was a little stubborn her first ride back at GSH but we are confident she'll enjoy being ridden.  She's 20+ years old but is full of life and as an Arabian could have many years left.

Update Jan 1, 2016- Rubi has been on a trail placement this last month but will be coming back to GSH due to a personality clash with another horse.

Rubi's registered name is La Khemo Zarubi.