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GSH0154 Annie

GSH0154 Annie
Fee: TBD
Breed: Throughbred Cross
DOB: 2007
Sex: Mare
Height: 16.1
Training Level:
Backed/Started Under Saddle


Annie is a 7 year old Clydesdale/TB cross (we've also been told Mustang/TB cross, so unsure). She was horribly abused in the past. We were told she was beat with ropes and whips by her original owner. She has a hernia which is small and won’t doesn’t require surgery. She does have a scarred/cut ear, we were told from barb wire. 

She LOVES people now though!!!! She is one of the most curious horses I have ever met (you’d swear she is human sometimes). She is THE FIRST horse up from the pasture when she sees you coming. She has trust issues, but is coming out of her shell. 

We’ve been able to trim her feet with little fight and I believe it was once of the 1st times she had had them done. We've been told that the first time her original owner did her feet she kicked and was not done again without sedation, however she's not required that with us. She is still difficult to halter, but once the heat breaks she will be worked with more consistently. 

Update: Feb 2013:

Annie got her feet trimmed at the end of January and was an angel for the farrier. She is leading much better and has been responding well to voice commands on the ground with her groundwork. Due to the icy weather this winter we will not be starting her under saddle until this spring when everything drys out. We are asking all interested parties who would like to adopt Annie to come and meet her in person before the adoption will be approved. 

UPDATE July 2014: Annie was placed into a great adoptive home in the fall of 2013 and was doing well.  She regressed some, however, becoming pushy and difficult to have her feet trimmed.  She was sent to training in June of 2014, where it was determined Annie's training is going to be a long process due to the abuse in her past.  She bonds very tightly with one person but can still be hard headed and unpredictable at times.  After the trainer opined that Annie would need a couple months off on pasture, followed by at least 6+ months of training to get her to be a safe and solid riding mount for the adopters' experience level, Annie came back to GSH, as we are equipped and able to handle a horse like Annie.  She remains in rehab and will be unavailable for adoption for quite some time, if ever.

UPDATE August 2015: Annie has spent the last several months in a training foster near Flandreau. Despite their very patient and talented handling, Annie just doesn't want to accept a rider. The months have been good to her, as she looks great and is much calmer with a lot more confidence. They felt, much as we do, that Annie needs to bond tight to one person she can trust before she will relax enough to allow a rider. Unfortunately, they also felt they couldn't devote the time needed to get her to that point, so very reluctantly brought her back. We are very grateful to the time they've put in to her and are very impressed with the changes in Annie while in their care!

Annie has a history of severe abuse. In rescue, you often hear stories of abuse that don't really check out. While we can't personally verify her history, enough professionals have agreed that Annie's behavior and problems back up the stories of abuse, as she has severe trust issues. Annie will remain in rehab with us, though prior to going to her foster GSH Nina was already developing the deep bond Annie needs with her. I wouldn't be surprised to see Nina personally adopt her at some point in the future, but for now we'll just take some time to get to know her again.