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GSH0156 Mountain Star

GSH0156 Mountain Star
Fee: $350
Breed: Arabian/ Quarter Horse Cross
DOB: 2006-2007
Sex: Mare
Training Level:


She is 5/6 years old she is a grey. Her breeding is ½ Arab ½ Paint/Quarter (Suspicion Paint is Appy, because of short tail). She is double line bred on the Paint/Quarter horse side and stands about 14.2 hands. The previous owner did not register her or transfer the papers of her mother into his name. Her mother is deceased. So there are no registration papers on her, though I have a
copy of her mother’s papers. The quarter horse line is mostly TB according to the previous owner I have a copy of the pedigree.

From what I was told the mare got pregnant at the 1 year and has had 4 foals since. The 2 year old is one of her babies. She foaled out this year on April 29th, the colt is double line bred, and her father is the foal’s father. I didn’t breed her she is open!! She had no difficulty foaling, at this time she is getting Calf Manna to help her lactate, without it she struggles to keep up with the colt.

When I got her she’d used the muscles in her back to produce the milk for her last foal. He’d not fed her well enough to maintain her and the foal. She is an easy keeper; right now she is getting grass alfalfa mix hay and 1 gallon of grain a day. Once a day she gets about a cup to cup and a half of Calf Manna to help her lactate. She also was having some sort of problem with her near side eye; she would not open it all the way. But there was no sign of injury. I checked it daily and all I saw was a very minor weeping from it no swelling or even irritation. I could see anything in it nor did it seem sensitive to the touch, but there is whiteness in the corneal fluid. It probably partially blocks her vision but it doesn’t seem to hamper her or cause to shy away on that side

She is a protective mother, and was hesitant to allow me to play with her foal but she has gown accustomed to allowing me to play with him.

I bought her in Early September 2011, when I picked her up is when they weaned her last foal. The previous owner told me that he’d had sent her to a trainer and that she was broke but she’d not been ridden for 18 months. Since she was pregnant I did not ride her. I also don’t ride mares that have babies at their sides. I figured to saddle and ground drive her when the colt is off of her in late August. I usually wean at 4 months if the foal looks good and so far he does. She was not difficult to load in the trailer and she rode well. Her leading skills are improving she now walks beside me; not behind me.

As a mover she is about average, she is not a saddle seat Arab type, hunt seat is more her style. She has a low head carriage closer to the TB line. Her appearance is more Arab than any other breed. Dressage training would be good to help her be more supple and loosen her shoulders. She is a friendly horse when she gets to know you and she whinnies when she sees you. I’m sure she was trained western but I don’t know who did the work or how much of it there was.

Special Consideration will be given to a home who adopts both Star and her colt, GSH0155.