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These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0155 Star’s Colt

GSH0155 Star’s Colt
Fee: $250
DOB: 04/29/2012
Sex: Colt
Training Level:


Star’s Colt was born April 29th, 2012. He is a dark roan bay. He has black points but he goes from no white to light roaning on his rump continuing to his mid barrel. He has two hind stockings and a small star. His conformation is more along the line of quarter horse. He has a rounded Quarter horse hip and a stocky build. He loves being scratched and talked to. He is friendly and enjoys speed.

He’s straight legged but will need a little farrier work on his hind feet to correct toeing out. At this point he eats well and would graze if there was anything to graze on.

His dam is GSH0156 Mountain Star, and we will make special considerations for someone willing to adopt them both. We will require proof of gelding as soon as he’s old enough.