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GSH0109 Savanna

GSH0109 Savanna
Fee: $300
Breed: Unknown
DOB: 2006
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.1-15.2HH
Training Level:


Savanna was saved from auction by Borderlands Horse Rescue in April 2011, along with her yearling filly, Sahara.  She was extremely emaciated, and as it turns out, pregnant!  She gave birth to this year's colt three weeks after her rescue.  Sir Prize is doing well and not that he's weaned has already gone to his new adoptive home through Borderlands!

Savanna, however, has struggled to put weight on due to her pregnancy and nursing her foal.  She's also a cribber, though with a collar on she does not crib.  When it came time to wean Prize, we decided it would be best to take her into GSH to help her focus on herself, gain the final weight, and find her final home.  We've discovered she is a very slow (possibly picky) eater - she'll leave over half her grain behind, even with 2-3 hours to eat it, but she devours alfalfa.  She's slowly eating more and more.  She is a very sweet, quiet mare, with good ground manners.  She leads and ties, though she can be a little head shy.  She loaded into the trailer easily, and picks up all four feet.  She stands quietly for fly spray, and has been introduced to a blanket which resulted in a little bit of movement and a long hard look at her back to figure out what was on her.   We will not be evaluating her under saddle this fall as she needs to gain weight before starting work of any kind, so we do not know if she's ever been saddled or ridden.