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These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0106 Rudy

GSH0106 Rudy
Fee: Priceless
Breed: BLM Donkey
DOB: 2008
Sex: Gelding
Height: 10HH
Training Level:


Rudy was a craigslist donkey we were able to pick up when dropping Bravado/Leeloo off in Ankeny, IA.  Originally intended to be adoptable, we found that he and George became so attached, so quickly, that Rudy earned a Sanctuary spot to help keep our other resident donkey, George, happy.  Though a small donkey, Rudy is a loud boy, and can be heard from miles away when he really gets going.  He is a freeze-branded BLM donkey