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GSH0092 Scotch

GSH0092 Scotch
Fee: $300
Breed: Paint
DOB: 1993
Sex: Gelding
Height: 16.1HH
Training Level:


Scotch was listed with GSH for a few weeks before his owners ultimately found him a great home where they would be able to visit him.  While not adopted through GSH, we're THRILLED he ended up in a good home, and commend the owners for deciding to continue to give him time to find a home rather than taking him to auction.  Good luck to all!

The following information has been provided by his current owner: Scotch is a 17yr old gelding whose age don't let it fool you, because he has plenty of get up and go to his steps. Only reason i am letting him go is that I had gotten him in a trade with hopes of him being a great family horse. Unfortunately he became my horse alone. He is not for a beginner rider so if you have no experience he is not the horse for you. Scotch stands 16.1 and is a sweet horse. He has a nice disposition and an when in the saddle he is ready to work. From what i was told that he has been shown Western Please as well as been trail rode in Texas. I have only owned him since June but from what i have learned about this boy is that someone has put a great deal of training into him. I have found out that he will side step, perform sliding stops,as well as turn a bouts. I had hoped to expose him to cattle because i have a feeling hes going to perform pretty well team-penning. Only thing that may pose a down fall for him is that hes blind in the Left eye, but please don't let that be a bother for you. He rides well and gets along fine with only seeing out of one eye. Now a week before Christmas he scratched his Right eye but it does NOT affect his vision one bit. I am hoping to find him a good home and someone who will take wonderful care of him. To the right person i am willing to negotiate the price. If we dont find a home for him by Feb 11th we will be taking him to sale.

From GSH: GSH has two horses with vision problems, both blind in one eye and going blind in the other.  BOTH are solid trail and riding horses, both have jumped, and both are very well adjusted.  Blindness in one eye is not a big deal, and GSH will be happy to offer tips and advice on dealing with half-blind horses.  Pirate, our mustang who looks a lot like Scotch, has even team sorted and can stay on a cow even on his fully blind and deaf side.  Owning a partially blind horse is definitely NOT a detriment, I feel the bond is even stronger with Pi than any of my other horses partially because of the trusting relationship we have.