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GSH0175 Holly

GSH0175 Holly
Fee: $850
Breed: Saddlebred
DOB: 2006
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.2hh
Training Level:
Green Broke
Unrestricted Riding


June 2017 - Holly has returned to GSH as she wasn't the right fit for her adoptive home. She started experiencing what sound like herd bound behaviors as she was pastured with only one other horse and would act up when taken out of sight of the other horse. Additionally, her adopter's work schedule has increased and he just wasn't home often enough to work with her, and as a young, healthy Saddlebred she's the kind of horse that appreciates a lot of work!

Before she left she was walk/trot/canter under saddle, riding out alone on trail rides, and doing really well. We suspect with a few refresher rides she'll be right back there as well.

Holly is looking for a home that understands the Saddlebred (Arab/Morgan/etc) brain and energy level and will give her lots of attention and exercise. She could do well at just about anything though sounds like she doesn't like cows out in pasture (though her adopter said she has some talent at cutting them in a corral - not something I'd expect from a Saddlebred!)


Holly is a 11 year old Saddlebred mare who had 60+ days at training last summer at Little Lake Stables. Since coming home she's doing great! We are continuing her rides and have now cantered her under saddle. She's actually a little lazy - takes some work to keep her moving at the trot. She is a sensitive mare who reads and responds to her rider. If you are scared or nervous, she will be too, but with an experienced rider she really excels! At 15 hands she's a great size and she's a really smooth mover. We recommend an intermediate rider for her. She loves kids but will need more riding and training before being ready for children.

Her trainer said:

Holly is a very sweet mare. No buck, no rear, no bite, no kick. She can be nervous at times, but hasn't been terrible. The more she's out, the better she gets. She's a saddlebred with a quiet personality.

She's great at:

● Lunging both directions
● Leading
● Standing tied (moves sometimes, but didn't pull)
● Stands for dewormer
● Accepts saddle
● Rides in a sidepull
● Loading/unloading from trailer
● Standing for grooming
● Riding in English and Western tack
● walks and trots
● Direct reining
● Stands for mounting
● Respects electric fences

Things she'll do, but needs some work

● Bathing (she might flinch, but is good)
● picking feet up (she will but I have to ask a couple times.)
● Catching Her is pretty easy but some days she walks away
● She's been riding in a snaffle bit, Prefers the sidepull however
● She's ok with fly spray, but might flinch the first couple sprays

Holly really doesn't have any really bad vices. Just a little nervous (but not like many saddlebreds) and needs more time out. She bonds quickly with people if they give her the chance. She still needs a bit of training, but is excellent with what I've done so far.