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Our Horses :: 2017

These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0222 William

GSH0222 William
Fee: $450
Breed: QH/Arabian
DOB: 2005
Sex: Gelding
Height: 15ish hh
Training Level:
Halter Broke
Unrestricted Riding


William is a 10-12-year-old beautiful gelding that came from a broker program in Minnesota with limited background information. He really tugged on Gentle Spirit Horses’ heartstrings because he reminded us so much of a stallion that we had to leave behind in one of our earliest rescues, the 41 Morgans, that we placed all over the country. We had hoped that William was one of the Morgan stallions and even had him DNA tested since we knew that the breeder had dissolved the rest of his breeding herd this last year, but he was not. We decided to name William after the stallion that was lost, Willie.  William is a little anxious and nervous around humans and is difficult to catch.  Once caught, he has good ground manners, leads, ties, picks up his feet, allows us to groom and blanket him. No matter how William came to be with Gentle Spirit Horses, he is turning out to be a kind, gentle boy that needs to develop confidence and find his permanent home.