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GSH0178 Flirt

GSH0178 Flirt
Fee: $250
Breed: Saddlebred
DOB: 2004
Sex: Mare
Height: 15-15.1 hh
Training Level:
Backed/Started Under Saddle
Unrestricted Riding


UPDATE 10/1/2013 - Flirt has come a long way from the scared horse who came in. She is now easy to catch and halter, fully halter broke, loads well, has had her front feet trimmed and will be tackling her backs next time, has been saddled, bridled and backed! She is an amazing girl who is absolutely ready to find her perfect home and continue her training.

Update June 21, 2012: We have upgraded Flirt from "barely halter broke" to just "difficult to catch." We can hook a lead to her halter within about ten-fifteen minutes of trying to catch her. Once on the lead, she actually leads very well, gives to pressure, appears to tie, moves over and is even willing to back with very little fuss. We've started working on asking her to pick up her front feet. We can groom her all over her body, and she has had her mane trimmed. She has accepted fly spray though is still anxious about it.

Update May 27, 2013: Flirt continues to be standoffish but curious. She and Butters have picked favorites - Butters likes Nina and won't come near Tiffany; while Flirt likes Tiffany and won't come near Nina. Both of them have allowed grooming but have a ways to go. Neither of them show any aggression and both appear to be extremely smart. They have had their initial deworming. She won't progress much with training until the rain stops and our pen dries up, however we have worked with her once in the pen and she very quickly figured out to trot and reverse on cue. She's going to be a fast learner once the weather cooperates.

Flirt, in the middle, is 9 years old. She’s the most cautious of them all, not yet allowing touch but also not running away. Butters and Flirt were difficult to catch, but once caught seem to have basic leading skills and ground manners. Flirt is the head mare of this little group. She is Broadway’s Gold Flirt 2004 gold mare, star & left hind. Sire: Broadway’s Hot Shot, Dam: Sultan’s Golden Flirtation by Gold Sultan.