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GSH0115 Heidi

GSH0115 Heidi
Fee: $400
Breed: AQHA registered Quarter Horse
DOB: 2002
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.2+ hh
Training Level:
Broke to Ride
Unrestricted Riding


Heidi (registered name "She's Suddenly Missin") is one of the “ISU 7” - a group of horses donated to Iowa State University for their vet and/or breeding program.  When they were no longer useful, typically the college will take them to auction.  GSH was given the opportunity to take in the ISU 7 and attempt to find them homes.  Heidi is a sweet, registered quarter horse mare with good ground manners.  Her registered name is "Shes Suddenly Missin" and her initial evaluation shows she has probably had training.  She has been ridden bareback with just a halter, as well as accepts a saddle and bit.  She is green but very sweet and willing.

Sept 2012 - Heidi has been doing well at her adopter's home, however, her current adopter is looking for a smaller, less intimidating horse for herself and her children. Heidi has been ridden by beginners in a lesson program but likes to stop and not move when they get off balance. When asked by a more advanced rider to do more, she can give off a bit of attitude under saddle and will need an experienced rider to remind her of her manners under saddle. She had a blow up with an advanced rider after summer of being a lesson horse.  Since, she's been very good for her adopters, however I'm not sure if she has been ridden since. Her ground work is impeccable. She moves like a hunter under saddle but can very easily turn into a western pleasure horse. Her current adopter is willing to look after Heidi at least for the winter but we would love to find a home for this girl before spring time so that she can move forward with her journey.

Dec 2012 - Heidi and her 13 year old current adopter put on a ground work/showmanship exhibit at their barn's Halloween party and did great!  Heidi was an angel for all the groom - including putting in glitter and spikes in her mane smile  She is currently being ridden in private lessons by the 13 year old girl, and continuing her ground work/lunging lessons with her adult adopter.  She is still looking for her perfect home, and located near Lakeville, MN.

UPDATE 12/31/2013: After Dec 2012, Heidi's current adopter decided to keep trying.  Things were going really well, but never quite the perfect fit.  Heidi does well with a confident rider and unfortunately neither Heidi's young girl or her mother are confident riders - they are new, and though they've put tons of work in and lots of lessons, just aren't quite confident yet.  Additionally, her younger rider is struggling with excessive time spent on schoolwork and trying to work time in with Heidi has been difficult.  This has led to a lot of stress and guilt so they have decided it would be best for Heidi to find a new home while they take a break from horses - possibly continue with lessons - but be able to step back a bit and see what high school will have to bring for her rider.

Heidi is currently being ridden twice a week by an experienced rider and is doing great.  Her trainer says she'd absolutely put confident advanced lesson students on her.  She's a nice, healthy, friendly mare that has great adopters right now but just needs a little more.

Let us know if you are interested in getting in contact with her adopter and possibly meeting her.  She is currently located near Lakeville, MN.