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Our Horses :: 2013

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GSH0114 Sizzle

GSH0114 Sizzle
Fee: $350
Breed: Quarter Horse/AQHA
DOB: 2002
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.2-14.3 hh
Training Level:
Broke to Ride
Unrestricted Riding


Sizzle is just a great girl all around. Friendly and easy to catch with good ground manners. Sizzle has also turned out to be very, very well broke. She is balky, and stubborn (some people define that as a "mare") but with regular rides we rarely see that behavior at all. Like many mares, she tests her rider, but once she knows you aren't intimidated she settles in nicely.

She not only responds to leg and seat cues but is verbal cue trained - in fact be careful with the "whoa" because she stops on a dime! At 11 years old, Sizzle is in the prime of her life and will be a great riding partner for many years to come.