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These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0175 Jinny

GSH0175 Jinny
Fee: N/A
Location: Fostered
Breed: Saddlebred
DOB: 1996
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.3 hh
Training Level:
Backed/Started Under Saddle
Light to Moderate Riding


Meet Djinn’s Lucky Symbol, also known as Jinny, a lovely mare who floats across the pasture. She did have an injury when she ran into a T-post before coming to Gentle Spirit Hores but her flank healed up nicely, though it has a scar. She has great manners, is easy to catch and loves attention, and we've saddled her.

Update 11/11/2013: Jinny has been backed!  We trailered her up to Cedar Ridge today for some one-on-one and evaluation time.  She loads into the trailer well, and stood quietly tied for grooming and saddling.  We free lunged and she moved out nicely.  She accepts a saddle and girthing with no problems at all, was good for brushing all over, but needs work on her feet.  She picks them up easily but doesn't want to hold them up.   She was difficult to bridle, and very reactive to pressure on the bit, but was very good with steering using a lead rope tied to her halter, so we suspect she needs her teeth floated.  If the behavior with a bit persists after her teeth are done she will need some patient retraining.  She stood quietly at the mounting block, accepted weight on her back just fine, and lead nicely, though unbalanced, when someone was lying on her back.  She was much more tense and reactive with someone sitting on her, however calmed down with some relaxation techniques and being allowed to get her balance.  She seems very unbalanced and weak through the back, and does get her legs very far underneath her when she attempts to balance and seems to almost get "stuck" in her hind, causing her to lunge forward slightly.  We are at this point unable to say if she has been broke in the past, though she did not act as if anything was new to her today, more like she is unbalanced and unsure of her feet.  We would like to see her allowed time on the lunge and long-lining to build up muscle and balance and she will need to be treated as a green-broke horse just learning to balance again under saddle.  When we get her teeth done we will have her hind and back checked to make sure there aren't any long standing physical issues from her injury.  

Update Summer 2014: Jinny continues to have balance and weakness in her hind, and struggles with the cold.  After wintering in Forest City, we have decided with her physical limitations and due to the strong bond she has with blind Maggie, that Jinny will remain a Sanctuary horse.