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GSH0144 Jackie

GSH0144 Jackie
Fee: NA
Breed: Paint
DOB: 1993
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.3 hh
Training Level:
Basic Groundwork


Jackie was obviously well cared for in her old home but could no longer stay there due to the fact that her previous owner has past away and the kids were not into horses. She has been out in pasture for the last 10 years and has many a baby with her pasture mate Duke. She was confirmed in foal when she came into the Gentle Spirit program and had her foal, Sheldon, December 2013. She is now enjoying being a pasture buddy at the Renner location but would love to have her own person and her own pasture. She is one of the first to come up for attention and has been very respectful. She is alpha mare, and occasionally kicks out or chases the other mares, but nothing that we consider abnormal.

She's easy to catch, respectful on the lead with occasional pushiness but she is easily redirected. We've been working on picking her front feet up and she's improving, and using a foot-rope to pick her back feet up. We did take her to the vet/farrier on 6/20 to have her feet done under sedation to give her a relaxed, good experience, and she did very well. He said she has very good feet for her age, and for the amount of time it's been since she had a full trim.

At nearly 21, we are adopting her out as a companion horse, though that's solely because younger horses are a priority to train at this point. There is no physical reason - just her age- that would stop anyone from seeing if she is broke and/or training her to ride at this point in her life. She's a big, beautiful mare who has raised many babies and now deserves to just be Jackie for a while.

UPDATE MAY 2014: We have recently noticed that Jackie is starting to really show her age.  She's graying in the face and we've noticed her struggling to get up a few times in pasture.  We've started her on a joint supplement, but with her age and her attitude, we have decided to make her a permanent resident.  This decision was also made due to our expansion as we will need a strong alpha mare who knows the fences to remain on the pasture at all times to help maintain safety.  Jackie's new job will be to maintain order and keep the herd in line. 

Update June 2015: Winter was tough on our Jackie, with obvious discomfort in her hips.  Blankets and glucosamine helps, but as we are entering summer we've noticed she's still struggling.  Once the leader of the herd, she often tags along behind now.  When the herd jumps the creek, on a bad day she'll take some time to find an easier way to cross.  Her face continues to gray, and she's aging very rapidly with us.  She remains in good weight, shiny, and a big part of our herd, but we can tell our time with Jackie is limited.