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GSH0224 Sampson

GSH0224 Sampson
Fee: $450
Breed: Paint/Quarter Horse type
DOB: 2006
Sex: Gelding
Height: 15 hh
Training Level:
Green Broke


Sampson has quite the story.  The first we actually know if him is that he was in another rescue in Minnesota.  At that time, he showed a bucking problem, but was considered green broke.  He was placed on an adoption who couldn't keep him, and the rescue didn't have openings to take him in, so he went through a couple different homes.  His last placement was a trial lease to a therapy center who realized he wouldn't be suitable.  When they ended the lease, the person who would take him back said she was just going to take him straight to auction.  Knowing his likely fate, and not wanting to see him lost for good, the therapy center purchased him and donated him to us.  We've tracked down his original rescue who still, at this point, is not interested in taking him back in.  That's ok, he's with us now.

Sampson so far is a nice boy who really does want to make friends and be good.  But, he's super anxious.  We are holding off on any evaluation or riding attempts until he is calmer while being handled and for now, are just working on calm, kind handling and building a relationship and letting him figure out that he's safe and stable.  We have some physical things we want to check out if we see the bucking, including having his feet x-rayed, but right now we're just letting him figure out who he is and build confidence.  He's friendly in pasture, leads well, ties and stands for grooming, but doesn't yet relax.  He'll get there though.

It was a hard call to put him on the adoptable list instead of rehab, and he may end up on the rehab list anyway.  But even our rehab horses, if not for a physical reason, are available for adoption to the RIGHT home.  If the right home came along that Sampson likes, and is willing to work on his confidence and trust, we'd place him. Until then, or until we've got him happier, he's only available to a very qualified home.  BUT, he is available.