Our Horses :: In Rehab

The horses in this section are in rehabilitation with GSH.  This may be due to a health or weight issue, or a behavioral issue. 


GSH0236 Erin

Fee: Pasture Pals
Location: GSH Main - Sioux Falls, SD
Breed: Mustang
Age: 1-2
Sex: Filly
Training Level:
Halter Broke
Too Young to Ride, Companion/Light Riding

Hamilton is from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, and came to GSH in November of 2016 during a crisis at ISPMB involving county impoundment and seizure, overcrowding and lack of resources. Erin was thin on intake and in need of a trim for her hooves, but with time and good care should be fine. She is reported to[...]

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