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These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0250 Smokey

GSH0250 Smokey
Fee: TBD
Breed: QH/Arabian cross
DOB: 2011
Sex: Gelding
Height: 15 hh
Training Level:
Basic Groundwork
Unrestricted Riding


While we are technically not open to intakes right now due to the ISPMB horses and needing to get them adopted and back from fosters, Smokey's owner came to us with an option that made sense to all of us. See, Smokey is a gorgeous, young, energetic, healthy 6ish year old boy. His owner has had horses all her life, and took him in a couple of years ago emaciated and in need of tons of care. She did amazing - just look at him! But now he's energetic and needs a bit more than being her best friend. So she asked if we'd take him in and in exchange, if we had two pasture pal prospects who would just like to be friends, companions, loved and groomed and handled.

It was instantly obvious to us who would be a good fit for her, and we know we are a good fit for Smokey. So Smokey is here, and beautiful ISPMB youngsters Lauren, 3 years and partially blind, and yearling Erin, with her ringbone and bad legs who will likely only be pasture sound, will go live with a wonderful woman with a heart full of love.

Sometimes, the universe just hands you a beautiful gift. This is one of those times.

Smokey shows some signs of potentially having testosterone in his system, so we are having him tested to see if it's possible he is crypt. If not, he'll go out to the herd for a while to learn social skills and then go into training and be adoptable. If there is testosterone, we will schedule him for crypt surgery and THEN go out to pasture and learn manners.