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GSH0176 Star

GSH0176 Star
Fee: Priceless
Breed: Saddlebred
DOB: 1998
Sex: Mare
Height: 15.2 hh
Training Level:
Basic Groundwork
Unrestricted Riding


August 9, 2017: 

Our beautiful Star left us overnight peacefully. She will be greatly missed.

Star was a 19 year old Saddlebred mare, registered name Broadways Gold Star. A broodmare most of her life she was saved by a wonderful person in lieu of going to auction and sent to us along with her dam, Queenie, blind mare Maggie, Flirt, Butters, Jinny and Holly, through a herd dispersal. She was a beautiful example of a Saddlebred and a kind, sweet soul. She had developed DLSD and was retired as a companion for Maggie, and we've struggled a bit to keep her up to weight this summer. This weekend she was very lethargic, unable to eat, and not pooing, and developed a foul bloody discharge from her nose. The vet found a large abscess under her epiglottis in her throat and we've been treating her with hard core antibiotics, pain meds and a nasal spray. She was drinking and calm, and showed us no signs that we were about to lose her, but she also wasn't really getting better yet. No one expected that she would lie down and not wake up again.


Broadway’s Gold Star is a Saddlebred mare (born 1998) that has been donated to our program to keep her from going to auction and likely slaughter. She’s halter broke, easy to catch, very in your face/pocket horse who loves being groomed. She leads and loads well.  She’s a daughter of Broadway’s Society Queen, or “Queenie”, the 29 year old mare who has Sanctuary with GSH due to her age. She’s had many lovely babies and it’s time for her to find a home that will love her for everything she has to offer, and not just the babies she produces.

Update February 2015: Star remains a favorite of the GSH volunteers.  She's a stunningly beautiful mare and one of the friendlist of all the Saddlebred mares.  She has accepted a saddle and been bridled, but at her age she's low on our training priority.  She's healthy, though she remains somewhat lean and angular, typical of her breed, compared to our Quarter Horses and Paints.  She can be herd bound when separated from her friends in pasture, though the behavior is typically only present when she's alone, not being handled by people.  She has been both good and bad for her feet - we've had trims that went well with no problems and trims that required a light sedative to keep her calm.   When stressed, she drops weight quickly, but when happy maintains fine on pasture/round bales.  We are adopting her out as a companion horse, however, there is noting in her health or behavior that would stop her from being trained.  We feel she will bond with one person well and really progress when she's found her person.

Update July 2016: After a vet visit this week, we have made the determination that due to her age and some breakdown in her backend, Star has been granted Sanctuary with Gentle Spirit Horses and will stay as a companion to Maggie our blind saddlebred.