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GSH0173 Queenie

GSH0173 Queenie
Fee: Priceless
Breed: Saddlebred
DOB: May 23, 1985
Sex: Mare
Height: 14.2 hh
Training Level:


Queenie was offered Sanctuary due to her advanced age when Gentle Spirit Horses took in several other of the Langes' mares during their herd dispersal.  She is gaining weight slowly and doing well, and enjoying her retirement.

Update 09/20/2015 With heavy hearts we regret to announce that 30 year old Society Golden Queen, one half of our famous elderly couple Sam & Queenie, was laid to rest at 12:30 this afternoon. About six weeks ago she suffered a serious choke, which we were able to clear and get through barely. She has not been quite right since, lost weight, has slowed down eating, and though she was gaining weight back yesterday she suffered another choke which turned out to be a complete obstruction. We treated her with banamine and watched her with hopes she would clear it again, but upon arrival at the barn this morning knew we weren't out of the woods. While the choke was moving down, she was unable to drink, was severely dehydrated and weak, and cold. We blanketed her and took her to the vet where her body temperature was so low it didn't register on the thermometer. While weighing the options and discussing what potential treatments would possibly keep her comfortable IF we could even get her through the choke, including a nasal tube twice a week to keep her throat clear, we made the only decision that was right for Queenie and not us, and let her go. She was a fiercely independent mare who would not have understood the treatments, causing her great stress, and after watching her struggle through two serious chokes we couldn't ask her to go through it again. She now runs free in Greener Pastures, young and with good lungs and good health.

Prayers for her other half, our 35+ year old Sammie, who is left behind. He went to the vet with her, and was able to say goodbye, and so far he seems to be handling it better than the humans involved. Tommy has moved into the senior paddock with him as they have gotten along well in the past, and we'll be keeping a close eye on him over the next few weeks.

Donations towards Queenie's final expenses can be sent to paypal@gentlespirithorses.com, if you wish.

RIP Society Golden Queen
1985 gold mare, Sire Rex's Society Sea, Dam Stonewall's Golden Topper