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These are the horses currently available for adoption through Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary.  Learn more about our Adoption Program here.  If interested, you can start the process by filling out an application and arranging a visit!

GSH0086 Cora

GSH0086 Cora
Fee: Priceless
Breed: Morgan
DOB: 2010
Sex: Filly
Training Level:


Cora was a shy weanling that was part of our November 2010 effort to rehome 41 Morgans from a breeder who needed to reduce his herd and was facing selling the majority of them to a slaughter buyer or taking them to auction.  Cora was lost to us due to severe dehydration, hypothermia and extreme worm infestation.  Many people, from Kathi at GSH and the Clear Lake, IA, vet; Tom & Crystal Keenan of Rockin K’ Ranch - Equine Transport - her transporter and layover due to weather; and Tammy, her adoptive home and their vet worked non-stop to try and pull her through.  She never even had the chance to be dewormed - she was kept comfortable, fed, watered, loved, and under constant supervision and vet care from the moment we found her lethargic to the day she gave up the fight - five days later.  Nothing was spared for her care, and she knew love and human kindness in her last few days, and died with her head cradled in Tammy’s arms, surrounded by the prayers and thoughts of hundreds of people around the country pulling for her.