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GSH0248 Ally

GSH0248 Ally
Fee: $550
Breed: Solid Paint
DOB: 2008
Sex: Mare
Height: 15 hh
Training Level:
Green Broke, Backed/Started Under Saddle, Basic Groundwork, Halter Broke
Unrestricted Riding


Ally is a very friendly 9 year old solid paint mare who loves people. She came to GSH when her previous owner lost his pasture lease, and had nowhere else to go. On intake, she had long hooves with cracks and a slight limp that we hoped would resolve with trims. When they didn't she was vetted and found some damage to her pastern and ringbone. Our vet says she may always have a slight limp until the pastern fuses, but it can be managed with injections and possibly shoes for harder ground, and that she should be in work and riding. Since her first injection, we only see the limp on super hard ground. She is easy to catch and enjoys people, but can be pushy and is working on her manners and learning to be a riding horse. We know she was not ridden or asked for much in the past five years, however do not know if she had training as a 2-4 year old. She is working on trailer loading still, she's decent about loading but likes to fly backwards off the trailer, or out of tight space in general, but is getting better with training. She has been ridden several times this fall and is progressing well.

August 12, 2017 Ally saw the vet today for a slight lameness issue that had not gone away with trims. A suspicious scar indicates she has probably injured it in the past and x-rays backed that up. She has some damage to the pastern and light ringbone. We injected her joint and Dr. Nate says she can go into training ... and needs lots of wet saddle pads to help with her attitude. She will be ridable and manageable.