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GSH0233 Angelica

GSH0233 Angelica
Fee: $450
Location: GSH Main - Sioux Falls, SD
Breed: Mustang - White Sands
DOB: 2015
Sex: Filly
Training Level:
Basic Groundwork, Halter Broke
Too Young to Ride


Fall 2017 Update- Angelica or "Jelli" has been given the summer to grow up and been a horse. This girl is super friendly, loves to be brushed by volunteers and is at a great age for bonding with people. Willing to do most anything for sweet feed, she will start to learn to lunge this fall. Out of all the younger mustangs she has the mane to beat and is typically braided to keep it from tangling in the south Dakota wind. 


Angelica is a former ISPMB filly from the White Sands herd. She was in terrible shape on intake, so emaciated she could not stay standing for the entire 4+ hour trip and needed help to stand on arrival. She's strong, healthy, and happy now, and very, very friendly. We believe she is two this year, and are watching for the loss of her 2.5 year old teeth to be entirely sure. She would love a home of her own with people who want to be her friend and eventually train her to be an amazing equine partner when she's old enough. Are you her person?

Angelica is from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, and came to GSH in November of 2016 during a crisis at ISPMB involving county impoundment and seizure, overcrowding and lack of resources.