Adoption Application

We're excited that you are interested in giving one of our equines a home!  We suggest you do the following before starting the process:

  1. Review the Adoption Policy or Fostering Policy
  2. Review the Trial Placement Policy
  3. Review the Rehoming Policy
  4. Review the Sample Adoption Contract
  5. Come out and meet us!

If you are ready to get started, then please fill out this form.  We keep it simple - we just need basic information about you and your references to get started. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED! Once we've processed the application, we will call you and arrange a time to meet and get to know more about you and your experience and needs, to help make sure you are a good match for the equine you are interested in.  We want both horse and human to be happy!

About You

If yes, was there a conviction? Please provide detailed information.

About the Horse

Tell us more about you - your experience, what you are looking for in a horse, etc.


Please provide three references who have knowledge of your horse experience. We prefer your veterinarian, your farrier, and any other knowledgable horse person.

If you are a first time horse owner, please provide a reference from an instructor or mentor who has been helping you learn about horses. While we do adopt to novice owners, some experience and education is required. If you have none, please consider volunteering or taking lessons prior to applying to adopt.

Preferably a farrier or trainer
Preferably your veterinarian

Waiver & Acknowledgment

Waiver: The Adopter assumes full liability for himself or herself and fully releases and discharges Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary managers, staff, volunteers, and all prior owners of the adopted horse from any and all claims or actions of the horse adopted under these guidelines. This is to include the horse’s training level, soundness, temperament, general condition, and so forth.

The potential adopter(s) give permission for all persons and facilities listed in this application to release all data, regarding applicant(s), to Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary (GSH). I/We hold harmless any actions arising from release of the information from my contacts to GSH.

I/We understand that the GSH may perform a background check to verify my/our personal information as well as check for any criminal convictions for animal abuse and/or neglect.

By signing this application, I understand that if I adopt an equine from the GSH I will be subject to occasional follow up visits.